Common Civil Code=C.C.C. communal caste controversy or Uniform Civil Code =U.C.C. Unnecessary communal clash. Are these only formula left out for national integration?...
LAWYER & ETHICS: Law touches every aspect of life more so in commercialized urban cities for example the developing branches in matrimonial, consumer....
RULE OF LAW AND JUDICIARY: Ladies and Gentlemen it is indeed a matter of privilege for me to share my experience with such well-informed gathering. The rule of law can be ....
Akhtar & Associates since 1974, founded by Senior Advocate Mr. Saeed Akhtar (B.Sc., LL.M.), he joined Bar Counsel of Maharashtra and Goa             ...read more
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We are well experienced in conducting trials of Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial branches of laws. We have also huge experience of conducting Writ Petitions in the High Court at Bombay. They are on  the panel of             ...read more
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